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oleh Blego Sedionoto | 2013-04-16 10:31:11



Pre-school children and children often vulnerable by protein malnutrition doe to the lower intake of animal protein resources especially fish protein’s resources. This condition is caused by mal odorous those were produced in decaying process. There for is needed some alternatives in it’s processing.

This study was learn effect of bread free fruits adding to fried-fruit sliced fish to it’s prefence level for consumer. By adding bread free-fruit to these formulas are expected to increase its sensory aspect.

This study was include of quazy experimental study with same subject design. The sample in this study is the fried sliced fish has been added by bread free fruit. This product was devided into 4 different formulas, one of them is used a control without adding by bread free-fruit.

The hedonic test has been done to 30 untrained panels (mother) and 30 quazy panels (Pree-school children and children). Kruskal Wallis test was applied to determine the different of preference level to it’s organoleptic aspect with Mann-Whitney’s test was also applied to determine some paired-variables those were regarded different.

The result of this study shows the formula 3 have highest general value and as the most favorable formula by the children. The most economical value as much as Rp. 28.320,00 for every 1 Kg while the economical protein-value of the formula was amount of Rp. 17.395,60 for every 100 grams protein. Mann-Whitney’a analysis shows all paired-variables those were tested had a significant different (α=0.05).

Based on the result of this study, it can be concluded, that there was increasing of the preference’s level of children to fried slice fish formula by adding with bread free-fruit and can be used as alternative to over come the lowerness of the animal-protein consumption level those especially derived fish-protein, for the future the bread fruit adding can be expanded both in home industry and factorial industry as the new bussines oriented.

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